• IADC Classification Standards


    The IADC classification system, developed by the International Association of Drilling Contractors has been the representative voice of drillers worldwide since 1940. This system of roller cone identification was established in 1987 and expanded in 1992 to include more features.The first digit represents the hardness of rock formation the drilling tool buttons are suited forEvery drill bit is designed for a certain type of rock formation, ranked according to hardness.The tool is assigned a numbe



    An eight point dull grading system has been established by the IADC to enable drillers and bit manufacturers evaluate the performance of a drill bit. This eight point system is described below and is used on both tricones and fixed cutter bits:1. Inner Cutting Structure - Inner cutting structure wear is also noted by a number ranging from 0 to 8 with 0 being no wear and 8 being total wear.2. Outer Cutting Structure - Outer cutting structure wear is also denoted by a number ranging from 0 to 8 wi

  • Vermeer Drilling Project in India


    This drilling project includes HDD rock reamer (10inch,20inch,30inch )Barrel reamer and fly cutter 18inch 28inchTricone Rock Bit (7 7/8inch IADC637,9 7/8inch IADC637)

  • IADC Classification System For PDC Drill Bits



  • API Standards For Rock Bits And PDC Bits


    API standards, as established by the American Petroleum Institute, enable drilling professionals the world over to communicate clearly.he American Petroleum Institute:*maintains more than 500 standards and recommended practices*represents the oil and gas industry to the public, Congress, state governments, and media.American Petroleum Institute Standards for PDC and Rock Bit TolerancesBit Size (In.)O.D. Tolerance (In.)6 3/4 and smaller-0.015 to +0.00 PDC-0.0 to +1/32 Rock Bit6 25/32 to 9-0.020 t

  • Number of Nozzles



  • PDC drill bits, or fixed cutters, come in either matrix


    PDC drill bits, or fixed cutters, come in either matrix or steel body. One might ask, What is the difference? and Which one do I need?Matrix body fixed cuttersare made from tungsten carbide material. This provides improved wear resistance and erosion.Additionally, they are typically more heavy set as far as cutter count.In applications of high fluid volume or high sand,matrix body bits offer longer life and multiple bit runs.Steel body fixed cuttersare made from a high alloy steel. These bits ca

  • The 7th China International Petroleum


    The 7th China International Petroleum Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition(abbr. cippe 2015 Shanghai), will take place with China International Offshore Oil Gas Exhibition (ciooe) in Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 26thto Aug 28th, 2015.Our Booth Number is W1127 ,welcome to visit us !ciooe cippe 2015 Shanghai attracted 450 enterprises from 45 countries and regions including USA, Germany, Italy , Russia, France, Japan, Singapore, Canada etc. The exhibition area

  • Hebei Zhongcheng Drill Bit Manufacture Co.LTD


    Hebei Zhongcheng Drill Bit Manufacture Co.LTD. .(SRF) was established in 1997. It is a privately owned and proudly company. We have grown to become a leading manufacturer of tricone bit and supplier of high quality drilling tools equipment, and we excel in designing, manufacturing, and distributing construction industry drilling tools as well as finding custom solutions to complex problems. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality tools, accessories and service in the industry

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