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HDD Swivel


Swivels made for HDD


Pullback swivels are a necessary and important part of every Horizontal Directional Drilling jobs.

The swivel has to be able to stand up to not only the tensile forces caused by the pullback, but also the rotational forces and the side loads caused by rocks or certain other conditions.

For this reason the bearings in our swivels are suitable for absorbing both thrust and radial loads.  Our swivels have specially designed seals to prevent ingress of dirt  to the bearings which would cause premature failures. The seals can withstand mud, grime and anything else found underground and are designed to be easily serviceable.


Choose the right HDD Swivel for your Horizontal Directional Drill


Choosing the right pulling swivel should be determined by the capacity of the machine, not just the load being pulled. When selecting a pulling swivel, one should select a unit with equal or greater capacity than the machine it will be used on. Donot hesitate to contact us to help you choosing the right pullback swivel for your next Horizontal Directional Drilling job.

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